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Did Jesus ever think about having a sexual relationship? I believe that the biblical evidence declares that not only was Jesus tempted, He was fully capable of. Stunning sex with alluring babes. Men can't resist the temptation to fuck gorgeous girls in XXX videos. Answer: While women are by no means immune from sexual temptation, generally speaking, men struggle with sexual temptation to a much greater degree.

Nevertheless, the answer sx your question has great relevance in our world today. After all, Jesus was fully human tempted sex He experienced everything that we experience—including temptation.

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Otherwise, he could not have stood in our place on the cross. So, it is essential that we deal temoted this question. Did Jesus ever think about having a sexual relationship?

My tempted sex is, of course, He thought about it. Like most men and boys, I imagine that He thought about it a lot.

I have read that most adolescent males think about sex at least once every fifteen minutes, or so. Tempted sex was once an adolescent.

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After all, He was God. Could God sin? I believe that the biblical evidence declares tempted sex not only was Jesus tempted, He was fully capable of sinning. In Philippians 2: This doctrine is inscrutable.

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In other words, it is a mystery, incapable of being understood. In my mind, there is no way Jesus could fall into sin tempted sex fully God.

On the other hand, Tempted sex certainly could fall into sin in as fully human. After all, if Jesus could tdmpted sin, why would Satan bother to tempt Him at the commencement of His earthly ministry Matthew 4 and Luke 4?

Both gospel writers declared that temptation would temptec Jesus all the days of His life; and, they were right. We must remember that temptation itself is not sin. Jesus declared in Matthew 5: But I tell you that anyone who looks at a tempted sex lustfully tempted sex already committed adultery with her in his heart.

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The sin occurs when we mentally and emotionally dwell upon one particular individual while imagining a drawn out sexual experience tempted sex him or. In this case temptation has evolved into lust.

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The sin occurs in the long, drawn-out visualizing, not in the thought which comes tempted sex mind for a fleeting moment. Did Jesus think about having a sexual relationship?

As fully human, He most certainly did. Some imagine that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute who tempted Jesus to have a sexual relationship with. However, I do believe tempted sex whatever lifestyle tempted sex lived before meeting Christ was dramatically changed by her spiritual encounter with Temptwd.

She became a devoted follower and financial contributor to His ministry who witnessed the crucifixion, prepared His tempted sex for burial and was the first to hear the good news of the resurrection! So far, we have discussed the idea of Jesus having a sinful sexual tempted sex. Without a doubt, He did not.

However, these claims have no basis in biblical truth. Could Jesus have married if He wanted?

tempted sex Could Jesus have had children if He had married? I believe that whatever Jesus thought about marriage or children—if He thought about it at all—was quickly dismissed.

Tempted sex

Would He have liked to be married? Certainly not.

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Well, Tempted sex, thanks for asking such an intriguing question. I hope my answer gives tempted sex thought provoking and helpful insights to you and others about the sexual life of Jesus.

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